If you qualify for our  Holiday Special : Shipping credit  will be determined and credited back at the time your order is shipped.
Larger heavier orders will be contacted regarding shipping cost.
Warning:  There have been a rash of package delivery thefts being reported all around the country.  This includes deliveries by USPS, UPS and FedEx.  Unfortunately, Rancho Trading Co. cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages once they have been delivered.   Although we insure each package, the insurance provider will not reimburse the loss once UPS, FedEx or the Post Office indicates it was delivered.  Please take appropriate precautions when expecting a delivery.

International Shipping to many countries (most recently Brazil) have encountered theft. Packages are routinely opened, especially by Customs, and a few items sometimes taken; then the packaged is forwarded on.  We triple check contents for accuracy to these countries before shipping.  We have no control over, or are responsible for, loss once shipped. If possible, we suggest taking possession of items in the US or through a third party courier. First Class mail is NOT available to to any South American country due to high theft problem. Only Priority or Express Mail and if available UPS or FedEx. Packages going to Brazil will be charged a minimum of $26.00 and may be more depending upon the size of the package, shipping charge will be applied to your credit card at the time package is shipped. We will contact you once we receive your order and advise you of your choice of shipping rates and options.

Rancho Trading Company makes every effort to ship orders quickly and for the least cost to our customers.  Although difficult to calculate automatically, we base our shipping fees on package weight and size whenever possible.  If we notice an excessive calculation by our site's shipping calculator, we will adjust the cost down and credit your account back.  We do this is to ensure accurate shipping fees that will save you money. 
Standard Shipping and Handling:
Standard Shipping Charge:  $8.95 for up to one pound

Shipping Method:                 U. S. Postal Service - Priority Mail.  Other carriers available, see below. 

Minimum Purchase:              $20.00


Shipping costs vary due to weight and package size.  For packages weighing up to one pound, the shipping charge will be $8.95 and added to your purchase total.  If your order weighs more than a couple of pounds, we may contact you with the total for your approval before shipping.  This is to ensure accurate shipping charges to you and to avoid having to calculate fees based on product purchase price instead of actual shipping costs like that of many of our competitors.
Minimum Shipping Charge to CANADA & AUSTRALIA is US$14.95.
Additional shipping charge may apply depending on size and weight of package.
Please call or email us if you need further information.


If you provide us with the wrong address, additional shipping cost may be charged.


If you feel the website has mis-calculated the shipping charge for your order, please call our toll free number immediately at 1-760-743-5445 (leave a message if necessary).  We will verify the calculated amount and call you back to get your confirmation before shipping.

There is no additional charge for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.  Slight additional charges may apply to  Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories.  International shipping costs are based on weight and size of package.  Confirmation and approval of overseas shipping charges will be made by telephone or email prior to processing.

Every attempt is made to ship your order within 48 business hours of time received. Priority attention is given to call-in orders. If your order is time sensitive please call our office to discuss special handling. Please do not assume that we know your needs, such as  expedited handling or shipping. We cannot ship if USPS does not recognize your address, this will result in delays.
Alternative Shipping:
Unless otherwise directed, orders will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service (Priority Mail). 
Express shipping via USPS, FedEx or UPS require confirmation and approval of additional charges by telephone or email. Alternative shipping methods require call in or email confirmation.
For orders less than $20.00 and under 1 lb. in weight, it may be possible to ship via US Mail.  We require such requests to be made by email or telephone.  If your order can be shipped via US Mail, the charge will be $3.95. Note: orders shipped via US Mail can not be tracked and Rancho Trading Co. will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged orders.